Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents


Corpus enjoys collaborating with colleges in Oxford and beyond to inform, advise and encourage potential applicants.

At Corpus, we join forces with other organisations to run various programmes for pupils with the potential to meet Oxford entry requirements.

These include the Oxford Pathways programme and the North West Science Network which connects students in that region with research-level science and scientists.

Corpus Christi College, along with various Oxford Colleges and Departments and external contributors, has put together a bank containing links to activities and resources that UK students (and students globally) may find useful.

The resource bank is in English and is not exhaustive: there is so much available out there, it is not possible for us to cover everything!

You will find resources for core subjects across various year groups that might be of interest and/or can support your learning. For older students thinking about applying to university, there are lots of helpful super-curricular links, plus links to various Oxford web pages and guidance about applying to Oxford.