Corpus Christi College aspires to achieve total net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest, with the interim target of reducing peak emissions by 50% by 2030. Corpus was one of the earliest Oxford College’s to set an official carbon target and is now in discussions about more ambitious targets, considering the nature of our climate emergency. Please find Corpus’ initial Emissions data for 2022 below, separated by source of emissions.


Energy lies at the heart of our efforts to become more sustainable as it is the key driver of climate breakdown. We have thus been busy analysing and collecting our energy data to get a better picture of our usage. The below data is based on meter reads, estimations and the government’s greenhouse gas reporting conversion factors. For more information click here.

We are also in the process of negotiating a sustainable energy project of national importance which will be used to deliver green power to UK research infrastructure in Oxfordshire. The College will, we hope, be able to take green power from this site using battery and solar arrays enabling us to audit the source of electricity used by the College. This is an innovative 21st century use of agricultural lands given to us by our Founders with the intention of sustaining the medieval College foundation.  

Gas Consumption

The total gas use was estimated to lie at around 162,554m3 or 1,823,955 kWh in 2022. While overall consumption did not fall substantially this winter, this year was substantially colder than last year, meaning that there have still been major savings. This equates to 332,306 kgCO2e in scope 1 emissions and 56,725 kgCO2e in scope 3 upstream emissions.

Gas Total Consumption